Looks Like I Got Into a Pickle…


I am with Chicago Loop Alliance, which manages the State Street Special Service Area (SSA). It has recently come to our attention that From the Book of… has been placing barcode scanner stickers promoting their website on State Street. Chicago Municipal Ordinance 10-28-064 states that placing or maintaining a sign advertising or directing people to a business, regardless of where the business is conducted is not allowed, and those responsible for such advertising can be fined anywhere between $200 - $500.  Our organization is tasked with finding such material and notifying the Department of Streets and Sanitation. As a courtesy, we have removed the stickers, but as a friendly warning, we strongly recommend that you discontinue posting any additional promotional materials on State Street to avoid being fined in the near future.

If you have any questions on what kind of promotion is allowed and where, please feel free to call our office and speak to the Associate Director, [INSERT NAME HERE].

Thank you,


Heh heh… I’ll stop till the semester starts up…

People liek stop motion stuff in class…

Put up 60 of these in the city.

Find ‘em. Scan ‘em. Listen to ‘em.

RS2 - QR Code Project [Video 3] @ Artbash 2011

RS2 - QR Code Project [Video 3] @ Artbash 2011

RS2: Project 2 (Podcast)

GE Podcast #1-1 - George Bush, Ass Volcanoes, & Milk Popsicles

GE Podcast #1-2 - Gunpla News & Updates… and Ranting!

GE Podcast #1-3 - That Destructive Robot Unicorn

Darn, I had to watch it, and regret about it

But on one instance, I clicked through a link provided from the email and watch a really “violent” video response to the news. It was the recording of a Skype conversation I believe, where a few folks were cursing and shouting at the release. It was horrible, especially when it was so easy to tell that they are not targeting the design, but the pilot of the Gundam from the anime.

Wow, I didn’t know that the Gundam fandom is such a soap opera…

Will take this post down later…

RS2: QR Code Idea

Core 2 Video:

Use an iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) or Android mobile device to scan the QR code.
Search on the App Store or the Android Marketplace if you need a QR/Barcode scanner. 

3-ish “Interesting” Web Sites That I Look at Occasionally, but I’m Showing it to Everyone in Class. YEAH!

LoadedNewsletter’s YouTube Channel:





Gundam Eclipse Forum:

Project 1

All images and what not are compiled in this link.


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He’s got one too… sort of